the fast acting topical gel for pain relief

We at FREEZE IT are committed to freezing away aches and pains. FREEZE IT is a fast-acting topical analgesic gel formulated to relieve bruises, strains, muscle, joint, sore feet and arthritis pain.  Shop our collection today!


I want to let you know how much I like the FREEZE IT.  I used it for lots of things! I spray on the back of my leg and the pain went away.  I spray it on my neck and shoulder and sure did help.  I had a sore toe and it took the pain away.

Charlotte Arthur

I just wanted to tell you that this spray is way better then Icy Hot, Ben Gay.  I had bone spurs removed in my left shoulder and this is the only thing that I found that reliefs my pain.


My zumba instructor pulled out a can of freeze-it the other night... I tried it and it works really good :)