Wegmen's for Freeze It

My wife and I have shopped at your Wegmans store in Jamestown since you opened.I do not have enough praise for your customer service and selection of product, your Wegmans store is great!

  A few years ago, we were hit by a tow truck at 70 miles per hour while on vacation. We had a half million dollars of medical expenses as a family.


 I have been buying a product from local drug store, the products name is Freeze it, a topical analgesic that relieves pain available over the counter. One day the product disappeared off the shelf, a replacement product there claimed it was the same, it was not. That new provider had intentionally mislead distributors as to the replacement when in fact the original freeze it was still made. A federal court action stopped the fraud of the replacement product but left stores shelfs in this area empty. 
  I finally called the manufactuer, and Spoke with Dave Beede who explained the above and let me buy some temporarily.   I need a local source for this product. Our arthritus is really bad, we are treated by local orthopedic surgeons but our need is constant, we go thru 5 - 6 tubes per month.

  Will you please consider stocking the above and talk to Mr. Beede about details? I already spent 600 dollars a moth in your store and would be very thankful of your cooperation. 
  I am not an employee of freeze it or have any relationship to them!

If you need a reference as to who I am, check with Dave Harmon- the conductor of the Rochester philharmonic, or Lori Foster, an editor who promotes charity causes in your area, I am their cousin. 
Thank you for your consideration.
- Bob