ARTICLE FROM Mass Market Retailer – October 2010

TAMPA BAY, Fla. —With an increasing number of baby boomers moving into the senior ranks, there is a focus on maintaining an active lifestyle. The need for alternatives to oral NSAID pain relief products is growing, leading to increased sales opportunities for topical analgesic products such as FREEZE IT. FREEZE IT from Expedite Products Inc. is a consumer-preferred topical analgesic for pain relief and an alternative to oral NSAIDs. FREEZE IT uses over-the-counter active ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Administration, including 3.5% menthol, 0.2% camphor and ilex.  In addition, FREEZE IT contains aloe and vitamin E to help alleviate dry skin and irritation that can occur when topical products that contain alcohol as an excipient are applied to the skin three or four times a day. 


David Beede, Director of Sales at Expedite Products, Inc., points out that he receives communications from many people who are suffering from pain related to arthritis, accidents, surgery, active lifestyle and sports participation — not to mention war veterans coping with the pain of injuries — who are all looking for safe and effective options for pain relief. “FREEZE IT is an easy-to-use topical analgesic for the temporary relief of pain,” he says. “People want to stay active and be pain free, and they can use this product to manage pain based on approved O-T-C uses so hopefully it doesn’t become a larger issue.” Beede notes that there are different levels of pain, but they all require relief, whether it is simple muscle pain from gardening or moving heavy items or just sitting in one place for too long, or chronic pain from such conditions as arthritis or the after-effects of surgery. 


While some competing external analgesics have a powerful odor, FREEZE IT is formulated to have a vanishing scent and is greaseless and non-staining as well.  Moreover, the product is available in a variety of delivery systems, including spray, roll-on and gel. 


To support sales at the store level the company offers a 5-gram sample for customers to try before they buy the product.  “The 4-ounce gel tube is the most popular offering,” says Beede.  “Customers can squeeze some gel into their hand and apply it by hand to painful areas.”  He adds that the 3-ounce roll-on allows people with arthritis to apply the product with the added benefit of using the roll-on ball to massage painful areas. “We also have a bag-on-valve spray that allows customers to apply the FREEZE IT in areas they cannot reach, such as the middle back, or even the upper back or elbow for some people with restricted mobility from arthritis,” 


Beede explains. “The bag-on valve has a soft-touch push-button actuator that allows the user to apply the product holding the can upside down or sideways in order to reach inaccessible areas.”  The spray version of FREEZE IT is gaining a solid foothold in the marketplace, he adds, and increasing numbers of retailers are calling Expedite Products to add these current and new line extensions to their plan-o-grams in order to make more options readily available to their customers.


Two recent additions to the FREEZE IT line include FREEZE IT FEET and FREEZE IT XTREME.  


FREEZE IT FEET is available in a 3-ounce roll-on, and, like FREEZE IT XTREME, contains a higher level of menthol and camphor as well as Aloe, Vitamin E, Arnica, Bosweilla Serrata, Cynatine FLX, Pine Tree Bark Extract and Peppermint oil to provide a natural soothing sensation for bruised, swollen feet and joint pain.  


More new products and new delivery systems are in the pipeline, says Beede.