FREEZE IT - Finally a product that measures up to word

Finally a product that measures up to word

This product is truely the only OTC product that works on my pain. I have to go to pain management however when i am sore this is the product I use. I even use this product on my 13 year old daughter who in gymnastics and she is sore often we just give her a quick spray and rub it in(not that you have to works great even without rubbing in) and within seconds she feels relief. I have never written in about any product before however with the 3 years that I have been in pain I have finally found something that truely works. Before my first surgery it took 6 mths before I could see a Dr for my herniated disk due to work comp red tape and this is the only product that I used that gave me any kind of relief.And I tried them all. I would love to be a spokesperson for this product. I would even sell this product this is how much I believe and know that this product really works!!!




I am writing to you because I hav ore had 2 back surgeries and still currently have a trapped nerve in my lower back. I also have RSD. This is the only over the counter product that help with my continued back pain. I have used this product on friends who have sore muscles ect..I could be a spokesperson for this product that how much I enjoy this product. i keep three bottles in my home. One for upstairs one for downstairs and I carry one with me when necessary.




I am currently disabled due to RSD and don't have a income due to issues with work comp. I was wondering if you have any coupons or samples that you  could send my way to help hold me over until this all works itself out. I only have a bottle left and it is almost out..




Thank you for anything yo can do and please continue to what your doing with this product..It really ahs helped me and many of my friends..