Introduced to FREEZE IT by my grand daughter

Hello David....It was such an profound pleasure conversing w/you recently regarding how effective and impactful your FREEZE IT product is ..which has been used very effectively by members of my family and recommended to all of our friends..,,.,.including my 17 year old granddaughter and her sister...age 15..their parents and myself and wife...As I mentioned to you in our conversation....our granddaughter whom is an high school senior and swims for the varsity team in addition to club swimming..and whom will be swimming in college this fall...introduced us to the product years ago as she and her swim mates...both high school and  
club swimming are very very loyal to this product as it WORKS AND WORKS AND there is no substitute for FREEZE IT....In fact both the high school and club coaches recommend it only to their wife and I are both experiencing arthritis and we use the product very copiously and IT WORKS FOR US.....its really an indispensable product for anyone whom may be experiencing any form of muscle and joint discomfort..Interestingly enough though...the orthopedist that we both use for treating our joint problems recommended another for prescription product to relieve the discomfort....however its NOT as effective as FREEZEIT..,...and of course there is an price have an incomparable product and we would unquestionably recommend it to everyone.....whom are experiencing any type of joint discomfort..or muscle pain....irrespective of age....Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to say hello and take care and continued success w/FREEZEIT.......Very best wishes and regards...Steve Stone.....East Hanover..New Jersey