Osteoarthritis pain

have tried countless products over the years to help the pain caused by my osteoarthritis when I found FREEZE IT at my local Kroger.  After just one use, I was sold on this product!   It helped better than anything I had ever tried and as a benefit, the initial odor went totally away in a very short time making it possible to wear in public without others being aware PLUS lasted for hours. I was elated to say the least.  At the time I was having to go to Physical Therapy for another problem and asked the therapist what she recommended, and she told me that FREEZE IT was the ONLY product she would recommend!

I bought it on a regular basis from my Kroger's and assumed that it would continue to be available. One week I was in the pharmacy department and noticed that under the FREEZE IT cream and spray there was a tag stating it was on close out.  I asked the pharmacist why they were discontinuing this product; he just stated that his orders came from the main offices. Discouraged did not cover my feelings well enough at that time.  I bought what was left, and had others go to their Kroger's and buy what they could so I could stock up.  After a time I had run out and hoping that the company had not closed, I looked at other stores such as Wal-MartWalgreens and CVShoping to find FREEZE IT to no avail.  During this last month I had occasion to go out of state to visit a relative, and even took the time to look and call several of their pharmacies in their immediate area to see if they carried the item, however they didn't.   Not one to give up,  I searched FREEZE IT GEL on the web and found a toll free number to call about the product.  I called the number and spoke with a very nice gentleman named David who explained that in April that FREEZE IT gel and spray would be returning to stores countrywide.  In this day and age where pain relieving products are always telling the public that their product will do the job, I will tell you without any reservation that FREEZE IT gel and spray DOES help pain caused, in my case from osteoarthritis, does not have a lasting odor and works EXTREMELY well. The cost is quite reasonable, and the product does exactly as it states.  I found it by accident; I went to a festival several years ago, and a table was set up with samples of a product called Biofreeze.  I tried one of the samples while standing there and was surprised at how it actually helped.  I continued to use what samples I had picked up until they were gone and was crushed when I could not find that item at any store.  Looking at the ingredients of products that claim to help with pain for arthritis, I noticed that FREEZE IT stated on their product they had the same ingredients that the Biofreeze had it in, and subsequently purchased FREEZE IT in gel form to try.  It WORKED! I am certainly looking forward to it being back in stores shortly for purchase.  I understand that you can learn more about it by going to www.freezeitgel.com.  I, for one am quite grateful that I found this product, and very glad that I din't give up. Thankfully, today I located the toll free number that put me in contact with David who informed me that the product is very much alive and shortly will be available nationwide once again. 

Thank you for making a product that truly does what it says it will. In my opinion, even living on a fixed income, purchasing FREEZE IT is money very well spent.

Mary Sitzler