Thank you for Freeze It

I enjoyed our conversation today and I look forward to receiving my next order of the Freeze It product. My story is certainly similar to those of your other users. I have been suffering from chronic pain for years. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have had to live with the pain ever since. As you may know western medicine is so concerned with addiction to pain killers that they are afraid to prescribe their patients the medication necessary to properly control pain. I became a regular user of over the counter products like Aleve and topical ointments like Muscle Rub and Stopain. They never really solved my problem, just made it liveable.
In 2001 I blew out my sciatic nerve which increased my level of pain. I felt it couldn’t get any worse. In 2005 I had spinal surgery and found that indeed my pain increased. While working in Denver CO three years ago I chanced upon Freeze It in a grocery store. I tried it and found relief like I never experienced before.  My only problem was finding it locally when I returned home. While searching the internet I came upon a source. I decided rather than hunting at local retailers I would order case lots, direct.
Thank you and Freeze It for supplying a product that has provided me with more pain relief during the last three years than I’ve ever experienced.
Best regards,

Dave Mickler